Les pronoms personnels sujets et objets / les adjectifs possessifs / les pronoms possessifs

1. Yesterday, I talked to Michael. told that dog had disappeared.

2. Look at that car over there! It is . I've just bought today. is more expensive than the car I had before.

3. Kate and went to the cinema yesterday. really enjoyed the movie. hated .

4. Thomas, where is exercise book? This one is not . It is Maggie's. Why did you borrow ?

5. Wow! Look at that house. swimming pool is so big must have cost a fortune.

6. When are holidays? are in July. What about ?

7.Carol talked to neighbours. moved in yesterday. children look very nice. is delighted to have new neighbours.

8. The neighbours come from Italy. Although are very happy to discover a new country, they miss deeply. It will be hard for to forget their roots..