Put the following verbs into the correct form.

1. Yesterday, Steve (go) to visit his gradmother.

2. Thomas (go) to the supermarket every Saturday.

3. If I were the King of England, I (be) rich and powerful.

4. When I (be) 45, I (live) in a big and beautiful house.

5. Right now, Thomas (be) busy (occupé). He (do) his homeworks.

6. In my whole life, I (be + only) twice to England.

7. Where (be) you last week?

8. I (be) sorry. Thomas (be + not) here. He (leave + just).

9. Two days ago, Steve (come) here to give me back my book.

10. It all (happen) last week. I (play) with a friend when suddenly a tree (fall) on my mother's car.