Fill in the following text with words from the list. Do not forget to conjugate or modify them when necessary.

an amicable settlement / to charge for medical treatment / a damage survey / health benefit package / health expenditures / to indemnify someone for / invalidy insurance / a loss adjuster / a maternity leave / a paternity leave / a redundancy payment / to award damages / to compensate someone for / the duration of benefits / health care coverage / high-cost care / to insure / long-term care / a lump-sum settlement / a provision

When I had my car accident, there was no other car implied so there was no need for an . I discovered that the process before being granted money may be quite long: first, you have to get a done on your car. A is therefore sent to the garage to have a look at the car. (Obviously if you're not , you'd better not be driving!!!!) Sometimes, you get sufficiently and can get it mended or even buy a brand new car. Not to mention as the car is not always the only one to need mending... Your body might have been injured too. And insurances do not always cover .
But there was one more element in my case. I was convinced the farmer who lived near the road where I lost control of my car, was partly responsible for the accident. Indeed, he had dropped a bale of straw on the road. It was pitch dark that evening and I only saw it far too late for me to brake and avoid it. But amazingly, justice did not side with me and I was not .