Fill in the following text with words from the list. Do not forget to conjugate or modify them when necessary.

to be crippled / a compensation / to be disabled / to be handicapped / to be incapacitated / a contribution / to be held liable / the elderly / to be in a cast / to file for compensation / to be maimed for life / to lodge a complaint / to file a claim / to be on social security / to meet hospital bills / to be on the dole / a premium / to be reimbursed in whole / to be refunded in whole / to cancel / to sue for damages / a claimant / a claimer / a trauma

Two years ago, something horrible happened to my neighbours. I still cannot believe it. They were on their way to the beach. The weather was beautiful. Everything seemed so peaceful and everybody was happy about swimming in the sea and sunbathing. Unfortunately they did not manage to get there. A drunkard did not give them a chance. He was driving on his way back home and fell asleep. His car hurt my neighbours' violently and both Mary and John were sent out of their vehicle. They had forgotten to fasten their belts. Mary was only very slighly hurt, having broken her left leg and therefore having it put . As for John, things were far more serious as he ended up .
They against the man they had collided with. Obviously the drunkard was for the accident. John and Mary so as to . Indeed, John had to undergo major surgery and as he , he didn't have enough money to cover these costs.
This accident was a real for the two of them and Mary has never got behind the wheel again.