Fill in the following text with words from the list. Do not forget to conjugate or modify them when necessary.

an all-risks policy / the currency of the policy / health care benefits / life insurance / a mutual benefit insurance / operative / private health insurance / relevant / irrelevant / social insurance / unemployment insurance / comprehensive / a disability pension / an industrial injury / to mature / old age insurance / paroll taxes / public liability insurance / a retirement pension / terminated

I had never really worried about my insurance but last year, I had a car accident and suddenly I realized how important these things are. When everything's all right, you're always annoyed by a too expensive insurance but when events turn tragic, you become aware that spending your money that way is not such a stupid idea.
When I had my accident, I didn't have an as it was an old car. Actually, it was an as I was on my way to a customer's house. Unfortunately, both my boss and the loss adjuster disagreed on that point. I did not pay much so I did not get much in return. I was all the more furious as the accident hurt my arm badly and made it hard for me to use it. I tried to obtain a but I was told my injury was not serious enough.
Obviously, when my car insurance , I decided to get a more contract. I also took advantage of my visit to my insurance adviser to have a look at other policies. I took an thinking about my life when I retire (something I had never done before) as well as a so that my wife and my children would not be left penniless if something more serious than this accident happened to me.