Fill in the following text with words from the list. Do not forget to conjugate or modify them when necessary.

the C.E.O. / clerical tasks / commitment / a craftsman / a director / an employee / an engineer / a foreman / an industrialist / a junior position / manpower / moonlighting / a senior position / a shift / a skilled worker / a temp / turnover / an unskilled worker / to work on the line

Today, I am the boss but it took me quite a long time before becoming the of this company. My professional career is a long series of odd jobs. I went from being a mere employee in a small company taking care of , to working with a (a joiner more precisely). As I was an and therefore could not get a straightaway, I had to convince bosses of my abilities and skills. I worked as a in various companies trying to convince them I could be given more responsibilities but to no avail.
Life was so difficult I even had to resort to to make some more money. And from odd jobs to odd jobs, I decided one day to take things into my hands and create my own company. And, amazingly, it was a huge success and I recruited 50 employees to face the development of our market.