Fill in the following text with words from the list. Do not forget to conjugate or modify them when necessary.

an Arts Degree / a Bachelor of Arts / a Bachelor of Science / to be self-educated / to be self-taught / a business school / to carry out a work placement / a degree in science / to drop out of school / an engineering college/ high school / a Master of Arts / a Master of Science / vocational training / to win a scholarship

My grandparents were poor farmers so that my father did not have the opportunity to go to school. And yet, he's always impressed me with his huge culture. Unlike my father who was , I had the opportunity to go to school. I went to Thomas Becket and managed to pass my A-Level. I hesitated a lot, thought about short studies such as but as I and money was therefore no longer a problem for me, I went to a . Indeed, I wanted to become a salesman. It was really hard and I thought about several times but I resisted. In this school, I did not spend my time listening to teachers only. I also had to discover life in big companies.